About Us

Engaging academics in North America to produce unique and relevant research about Muslim communities and organizations.

A think-tank that offers policy analysis about Muslim issues to governments and Islamic organizations.

Our Mission 

The presence of Muslims and Islam has a long and great history in North America. In both Canada and the United States of America, Islam can be traced prior to independence in the nineteenth century. However, now more than ever, the negative view and perception of Muslims has increased fuelled by Islamophobia, global events, and an overall lack of awareness about the faith’s tenets. The Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies wants to participate in the discourse about Muslims and Islam that is taking place in North America and partake in the knowledge production related to their own faith.

The Institute for Research and Socio-Political Studies is a non-profit research institute with a mission to engage with intellectuals to produce unique and relevant research and fill the gap within North American academic communities. IRSS produces policy analysis and provides recommendations around issues concerning Muslims to Islamic organizations and governments. IRSS wants to create space for research, outreach, advocacy, and collaboration which creates an understanding and positive recognition of Islam.

IRSS encourages independent, unique, and relevant research in areas such as Islamic organizations and their contributions, inter-faith and cross-cultural learning, and current day topics such as universal human values, war and conflict, Islamophobia, and the role of faith in public life.

We hope to accomplish our mission by producing original research publications, articles, and host forums at IRSS which would facilitate discussion around our research for Islamic organizations, community leaders, activists, and experts. Moreover, the policy recommendations which follow from our research will be guided towards Islamic organizations and all levels of government, to better engage with Muslims in North America.

Areas of Interest

Muslim Youth

Research about Muslim youth living in North America is a neglected topic. IRSS wants to highlight challenges young Muslims face, particularly high schoolers and university students, supported by evidenced-based research which tells us about the problems and also create recommendations on how to support youth through a formative period in their lives.


Islamophobia affects most Muslims living in North America and has negative consequences for many who hear and see the anti-Muslim hate that is increasing around their religion. Our research wants to explore Islamophobia from different perspectives, for example how Muslim advocacy groups can learn from Jewish communities and their fight against anti-Semitism. Moreover, we want to start a conversation about Islamophobia that involves many groups within society like academics, activists, and government organizations.

Islamic Organizations

More than a mosque or space to pray, many Islamic organizations serve as spaces for Muslims to gather, socialize, and build a community. Our research on Islamic organizations includes studying their impact on Muslims and the broader North American Society vis a vis the organizations' community outreach, social services, and other programs offered.

Our Method

IRSS’s goal is to bring together a pool of objective, independent scholars who can provide critical objective analysis that aligns with our research focus.


Our professional publications are meticulously researched and offer a deeper perspective on topics like Islamophobia, Muslim youth, and Islamic organizations in North America.

Academic Forums

We will hold regular academic forums for community members to discuss the research produced by IRSS to initiate dialogue about lived experiences and formulate tools to engage academics, activists, and policy makers in government.