Policy Papers

Muslim youth in Canada face daily challenges which impact their sense of identity and belonging, their mental health and well-being, and their faith. “Lessons from Examining Canadian Muslim Youth Challenges and Pathways to Resilience" by Khaled Al Qazzaz and Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to two full study articles (publication forthcoming). 

“Lessons from Jewish Responses to anti-Semitism in Canada for Muslims combatting anti-Muslim hatred" by Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to the full research paper.

Research Papers

“Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism in Canada: Lessons for Anti-Muslim Hatred" by Nakita Valerio

Abstract: The presence of Jewish people and communities in Canada dates back to the 18th century and has consistently remained at approximately 1% of the Canadian population, proportionate with the growth of the rest of the country. Throughout their presence in Canada, Jewish communities and individuals have experienced acts of bias, hatred, violence and systemic oppression that can be classified as anti-Semitism and have well-established community organizations in place for responding to or working to prevent and address these acts. These incidents continue in varying (and increasing) capacities to the present day and continue to necessitate a range of Jewish individual, community and organizational responses. This study offers theoretical and contextual background on the issue of anti-Semitism in Canadian communities, as well as an analysis of Jewish responses to incidents of anti-Semitism. This analysis relies on newspaper and police reports, meta-studies by academics, statistical reports, and organic interviews conducted specifically for this study among Jewish advocates across the country. The data highlights several examples which illuminate typical responses, how they are similar to or differ from one another, and how the Canadian approaches compare to other global responses to anti-Semitism. In making the case for the justifiable comparison of experiences of both Jews and Muslims with hatred, this study concludes by offering key lessons for Muslim advocacy groups to either continue or begin to implement certain strategies when combatting anti-Muslim hatred."

Book Reviews

Review of Al Rashid Mosque: Building Canadian Muslim Communities (E.Waugh) for Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal (2020) by Nakita Valerio


Examining Primary Challenges for Muslim Youth in Canada

Crisis of Identity and its Detrimental Outcomes

2021, Nakita Valerio

Examining Pathways of Resilience for Muslim Youth in Canada

Youth-Driven Solutions and Belonging in Canadian Muslim Communities

2021, Nakita Valerio