Annotated Bibliographies

Policy Papers

Muslim youth in Canada face daily challenges which impact their sense of identity and belonging, their mental health and well-being, and their faith. “Lessons from Examining Canadian Muslim Youth Challenges and Pathways to Resilience" by Khaled Al Qazzaz and Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to two full study articles (publication forthcoming). 

“Lessons from Jewish Responses to anti-Semitism in Canada for Muslims combatting anti-Muslim hatred" by Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to the full research paper.

Research Papers

“Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism in Canada: Lessons for Anti-Muslim Hatred" by Nakita Valerio

Book Reviews

Review of Al Rashid Mosque: Building Canadian Muslim Communities (E.Waugh) for Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal (2020) by Nakita Valerio