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In Canada, 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the adoption of multiculturalism as a federal policy. The diversity of the four articles in this volume demonstrates the myriad of ways in which multiculturalism informs and impacts Muslim life and ways of being in Canada. As a deeply fraught, yet central tenet of Canadian national narratives, multiculturalism requires close and critical attention from many vantage points. Muslim perspectives on multiculturalism are particularly telling, as Islam and Muslims so frequently find themselves at the margins or fractures of multiculturalism – sometimes with deeply harmful consequences. Yet it is not always so dire. As some of our authors demonstrate, Muslim ways of interacting with, participating in and resisting multiculturalism also show a way forward towards a more truly pluralistic society.

Research Papers

Mohadi, Mawloud, Normative Islamic Conceptualizations of Families and Kinship Through Maqasid Perspectives: A Comprehensive Literature Study – Malaysian Journal of Syariah and Law, Vol. 11(2), December 2023, pp. 290-309.

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Trends and Themes in the Study of Muslims in Canada: A Composite Picture of  Diverse Set of Communities (Literature Review) by Nakita Valerio (2022)

Policy Papers

Muslim Organizations in Canada Policy Paper: Recommendations for Canadian Muslim Organizations Based on a Composite Picture Study by Fatima Chakroun is a companion policy piece to the full research paper. (2022)

“Lessons from Examining Canadian Muslim Youth Challenges and Pathways to Resilience" by Khaled Al Qazzaz and Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to two full study articles (publication forthcoming).  (2020)

Book Reviews

Review of Al Rashid Mosque: Building Canadian Muslim Communities (E.Waugh) for Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal by Nakita Valerio (2020)