Indigenous Muslims of North America (Studies Discussion)

Zoom (Online)
25 May 2023

Join I-RSS researcher Dr. Tareq Sharawi and ISPU researcher Brennan McDaniel for a discussion of their respective studies about Indigenous Muslims of Turtle Island (primarily Canada and the United States). The illuminating conversation will be moderated by I-RSS Research Director Nakita Valerio and offer critical insights into their groundbreaking work.

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Dr. Tareq Sharawi holds a PhD in Civilization Studies (Politics and International Relations) from Ibn Haldun University and a MSc in International Relations from the University of Bristol. He has most recently worked as lecturer of Islamic Civilization and Social Sciences at the College of North Atlantic – Qatar. His other experiences include working as research manager at various institutes, consultancies and non-governmental organizations in different countries. Tareq’s doctoral research explores the inviolability of humans in the Islamic classical legal tradition and historical practice. His academic and research interests include human rights, religious and national identity, the development of Islamic political thought, and the works of Ibn Khaldun.

Brennan McDaniel is a PhD student in the Department of American Studies at Yale University. Drawing from Native American studies, Islamic studies, postcolonialism, and psychoanalysis, his research concentrates on the political economics of religion and secularism in the twenty-first century United States. Most recently, Brennan completed a chapter with Zareena Grewal entitled “American Islam, Settler Colonialism, and Democratic Empire in the Work of Robert D. Crane” which will appear in the forthcoming anthology Religion and U.S. Empire: Critical New Histories edited by Tisa Wenger and Sylvester A. Johnson. Brennan also receives instruction in both classical and folk harp repertoires. At ISPU, Brennan serves as Principal Investigator on the Native American/Indigenous Muslim Stories (NAIMS) project.