I-RSS Work Featured in SMS Magazine!

Two initiatives that I-RSS was honoured to be involved with were featured in the inaugural issue of SMS (Supporting Muslim Students) magazine – which arrived just in time for Islamic Heritage Month this October!
The two initiatives featured were our 2020 Muslim youth study, funded by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), and Islam Awareness online courses for Educators (www.islamawareness.ca) which was launched this month through the hard work of MAC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

This publication is landmark. SMS is a digital bi-annual magazine for educators and parents aimed at helping support Muslims students in both public and Islamic schools. Its goal is to help parents of Muslim students navigate the system, and help educators better support their Muslim students.

To read the entire issue, visit: https://smsmagazine.ca/?3d-flip-book=sms-magazine-2

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