New Publications from I-RSS: Muslim Organizations Policy Report and Literature Review on Canadian Muslim Themes

I-RSS is pleased to announce two new publications on our website, each of which are part of larger research studies conducted by primary researchers Fatima Chakroun and Nakita Valerio from 2021-2022.

Muslim Organizations in Canada Policy Paper: Recommendations for Canadian Muslim Organizations Based on a Composite Picture Study by Fatima Chakroun is a companion policy piece to the full research paper. (2022) It offers policy recommendations and strategies to Muslim organizations based on a national, year-long study of Muslim organizations in Canada.

Trends and Themes in the Study of Muslims in Canada: A Composite Picture of  Diverse Set of Communities (Literature Review) by Nakita Valerio (2022) offers a cross-disciplinary meta-analysis of much of the existing contemporary literature on Muslims in Canada today. The author looks at existing trends and themes in the work, as well as gaps that point to potential areas of future research.

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