Policy Report Publication on Muslim Youth in Canada

“Lessons from Examining Canadian Muslim Youth Challenges and Pathways to Resilience” by Khaled Al Qazzaz and Nakita Valerio is a companion policy piece to two full study articles (publication forthcoming).

Muslim youth in Canada face daily challenges which impact their sense of identity and belonging, their mental health and well-being, and their faith.

After 72 qualitative interviews in five cities, the results show that the primary challenge facing urban Muslim youth in Canada is identity crisis or the problem of seemingly irreconcilable dual identities, exacerbated by other converging factors. Direct and structural Islamophobia fosters the crisis and adds additional stressors on Muslim youth. Muslim youth are not finding the space, solace, programming and guidance they feel they need from their religious communities amidst other compounded intracommunity problems. 

This policy report briefly outlines the methodology and relevance of the study before expounding its findings in summary. The final section offers practical recommendations for Islamic organizations and institutions hoping to take up the cause of Muslim youth.

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