I-RSS Presentation- Muslim Organizations in Canada: A Composite Picture of Diversity & Service

This week, I-RSS was delighted to have a public presentation and follow-up policy discussion of a year-long research study entitled “Muslim Organizations in Canada: A Composite Picture of Service and Diversity.” This brief overview of the forthcoming report (to be published as part of the first edition of the RSS Journal soon) was offered by primary researcher, Fatima Chakroun. The policy discussion that followed and other coming conversations will inform the policy report for this study, also available soon on the I-RSS website, i-rss.org.

Special thanks to primary researcher, Fatima Chakroun, and community stakeholders in attendance including Zied Kellel (President of the Council of Elders for Quebec City Mosque), Sarah Attia (Director of Youth for the Muslim Association of Canada) and Shahzad Mustafa (with Mercy Mission Canada).

This event was hosted and moderated by I-RSS Research Director, Nakita Valerio. This study was funded by the Muslim Association of Canada.

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