How to hire I-RSS to do research for your organization

I-RSS conducts research for all kinds of organizations serving Muslim communities. Whether there is a specific question that needs an answer, or a general topic of importance to your organization, I-RSS can work with you to develop the right research project for your needs. 

When should I approach I-RSS about my project?

Right at the beginning! You don’t need to have a specific project or research question to get started. All you need is an idea for a project. This could be in the form of a project concept or a general topic area, such as “Muslim youth and mental health” or “housing needs of Muslim families.” Project ideas can also be based on demographics; for example, a needs assessment for a particular group that is the focus of an organization’s work, or a group that is historically underserved. 

I-RSS works on both privately-funded and grant-funded projects and you don’t need to have funding in hand to begin the process of hiring I-RSS. We can provide an estimated budget based on the approximate size of your project, which can help support a strong grant application. 

First conversations

New clients first meet with I-RSS’s Research Director to discuss the client’s needs and interests. Together, we decide on a project scope, timeline, and deliverables. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know your organization’s work, vision and priorities. While we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with all prospective client organizations, these conversations help us understand how our work can best support our clients’ needs and values. 

What’s next?

After a contract is signed, I-RSS does the rest; from research design through execution and creation of deliverables such as reports, graphics, and presentations.  I-RSS has the staff and resources available to complete all aspects of a research project, including research assistants to do background research, transcription, and copy-editing.

Will the findings from my research project be made public?

I-RSS does seek to publish research findings in order to benefit other researchers, community organizations, and the public. However, you may opt to have the specific findings of your project remain private and any related publications by I-RSS will be in a generalized form. 

Does I-RSS only work for Muslim clients?

No, I-RSS does work for diverse clients committed to the study of religious and sociopolitical life in Canada. You do not have to be a Muslim or Islamic organization to hire us. Your project also does not have to solely pertain to Muslims or Islam. We are available to conduct research with Muslim and other religious communities in Canada. However, research that is only within non-Muslim communities is beyond the scope of our work. 

The research that I-RSS does for our clients provides a foundation for evidence-based policy, helps organizations grow and become more effective in their mission, and contributes to the broader discussion and policy around issues relevant to Muslims across Canada. 

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